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Kindly read the Terms & Conditions carefully, and indicate your consent by ticking the box on the training application form. If you do not agree with our Terms & Conditions, you cannot apply for participation to our trainings.

Terms and condtions

Your application for participation to a training course via this website, implies that you agree with our fees, applicable at the time of your application.

We will confirm receipt of your application by e-mailing an invoice to you. Your registration, and your access to our training courses, is only secured after receipt of your payment in full. Lack of payment, or receipt of partial payments, will not secure your attendance. If we do not receive full payment within 7 days after sending the invoice to you, your application will be ignored.

Your application for participation to a training course via this website, implies that you agree with any additional costs that attending a training course may involve. You are aware that transport, catering and accommodation expenses are for your account. The Media-Academy will not be held liable or responsible for expenses you've made in order to attend one of our training courses.

Media Academy will refund your course fee if we cancel the course. If you don't attend the course on the set date your course fee will be non refundable. The course fee is also non-refundable if you cancel 2 days before the course starts.

After receipt of your application via this website, we will request the following documents from you:

  1. A certified copy of your ID
  2. A certified copy of your international passport, should you be travelling from outside of South Africa
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Our Declaration of Consent signed by the applicant

Curriculum Materials

I authorize Media Academy(division of Tape Town productions) to record my voice, tape and photograph me during and in connection with my participation in the Media Academy. I authorize Media Academy to display any such images and sounds obtained during my participation in the Academy worldwide, in any and all media in perpetuity.

In addition to the above, I grant Media Academy a nonexclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to use all videos, photographs, blogs, vlogs and other materials I create while at the Academy ("Materials"), or any portion thereof. I acknowledge that Media Academy will accord credit as it determines for any use of the Materials and that, at Media Academy's sole discretion, I may be compensated for the Materials in the future. However, I acknowledge and agree that Media Academy is not obligated to compensate me, and that I am entering into this agreement without the expectation of any payment. In the event that Media Academy, in its sole discretion, compensates me for the Materials, I understand and agree that I will be solely responsible for all taxes, duties and other governmental assessments that may be due as a result. All materials relating to the Academy curriculum and course work ("Curriculum Materials") are the sole property of the Media Academy. I will not disseminate any Curriculum Materials to any third party outside of the Media Academy.

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