TRAINING - To make truly great content, you need a well rounded view of production and not just one aspect of it. For that reason, we offer comprehensive courses that offer everything from shooting to editing, and most importantly, the art of storytelling. The skills we teach you will help you to not only tell a story, but to stand out in the digital crowd.
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We're proud to announce that Media Academy is officially an affiliate of the New York Video School (NYVS), an online education center created by pioneering videojournalist Michael Rosenblum. Want to quickly learn how to make high-quality video and film? NYVS offers hundreds of online tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know. Access courses anytime and from anywhere in the world, have your questions answered by video experts and even receive personalize critiques of your video creations. Start learning today with a no risk 7-day free trial! NYVS not only allows you to access the course contact anywhere in the world with an internet connection but connects you to the NYVS instructors and quickly growing NYVS Community. Be a part of the community by posting questions to the discussion forum, upload your video creations and receive helpful critiques, join groups of people with similar interests or share your experiences by writing a project blog. In today’s world, everyone needs to know how to use video; NYVS is the world’s easiest and most affordable way to become video literate. Start with a free trial and join the video revolution today! Goto http://bit.ly/i0GkQj for more info and booking!

Duration: As long as you want

Venue: From behind your pc

Price: Different options

Requirements: Click here to read more about this training

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